We work collaboratively with clients to understand their business and develop media strategies to meet a variety of needs, suited to all budgets. We are flexible in our approach and can get your project completed quickly. Below are some of the services that we offer. 


Strategy Development  We work closely with clients during initial planning, developing objective-driven project plans from conception to refinement. We will guide you through the steps of conceptualizing and developing a plan through treatments, story-boarding, and scheduling.

Multi-Camera 4K Shooting We can shoot up to three camera angles on location in a 4K codec to capture the diversity and dynamics of your location and subjects.

Editing Working closely with our clients throughout the editing process to collaborate on crafting storytelling and narratives, we use your input to refine the story arc. After shooting, we can develop a schedule to review rough cuts, make selects and further realize your vision.

Motion Graphics and Post Production Telling your story in a visually interesting way can help your content cut through the clutter. Animated logos, visual montages and text elements can give your media an edge over the deluge of content and get your message across quickly. In addition, we provide artistic sound design and music that will make your project coherent and polished.

Web Design and Brand Identity  We can help you design a web presence that is cohesive through logo development, web design, and branding.

Social Media Strategies We develop media projects that are tailored to a variety of social media formats and platforms that can help you reach new audiences and grow your messaging through untapped markets.